Video Demo and Review by “Hollywood Glamour” from her YouTube Channel. She’s really great at doing makeup! We’re especially wowed by her Kim Kardashian Makeup Tutorial.

YouTube views at time of publishing article: 5,299. Video was originally published on 11 May 2015. This is a shared video linked from YouTUbe.

She begins by showing us the Microderm MD box and opening it up. Explaining briefly that there’s a full-sized mirror, the different tools you’ll need such as tips and plugs in it.

She says that she was given a PR sample that was sent to her for review, and that one of her viewers would be able to win a free MicrodermMD set.

Next, she deep dives into unboxing the Microderm. Once she opens the exterior packaging, you’ll see the actual MicrodermMD kit.

And when she opens the kit, the first time you’ll see is a User Guide Booklet on top.

Next, she gives an overview of the rest of the items in the kit.

They include the following:
1. Full Sized Mirror

2. Replacement Black Wool Fiters

3. 2 Additional Tips: Pore Extraction Tip and Infusion Serum Tip

4. A brush for cleaning the tips

5. A power plug

6. Small Black Rubber Circles that go onto the neck of the wand

7. Microdermabrasion Wand with Diamond Tip and Cap

Next, she gives us a step by step demonstration on how to use the machine and kit.

She clicks onto the POWER button. Next, she clicks on the AUTO button.

She follows the diagram on the screen to begin the microdermbrasion process on her FOREHEAD.

She makes sure to follow the direction and sections that are shown on the diagram.

She shares that for each section in the AUTO mode, it is pre-timed.

Shes moves onto to the eye area section, which is the crows feet area around the eyes.

She pulls it in the direction that it’s been shown on the diagram on the LCD screen.

Next, it’s the CHEEKS and undereye area.

At this point, she says it doesn’t hurt at all, which was one of the initial apprehension and worries she had prior to trying this.

And the NOSE area next.

And the CHIN and laughline area.

As well as the NECK and CHEST AREA as follows:

She changes the diamond tip as this point to the Purple Tip which is the Extraction Tip.

She uses this on the area of her nose to remove blackheads and whiteheads.

She says that it literally sucks them out and she would be unlikely in the need of buying Pore Strips again.

She moves on to change the tip to the Pink Tip, which is the Infusion Tip.

She applies a Serum onto her face with her hands first.

Next, she uses the Infusion Tip and goes over areas of her face in circular motion to encourage the deeper penetration of the serum into her skin.

She adds that it’s super easy, doesn’t hurt and gives results.

And that is the end of the DEMO.

For the rest of the video, she goes on to explain the benefits of doing Microdermabrasion at home and how microdermabrasion can help to improve your skin’s health in detail. Watch her video to find out more!

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