NEW SPA Mini Cordless Skin Scrubber With Ionic Function Review

The Skin Scrubber Mini NEW SPA Gentle Peel Dermabrasion with Ionic Function Device is Cordless and Rechargeable.

Unlike large microdermabrasion machines, the Skin Scrubber is small and compact that allows for great ease of use to remove debris from your facial skin. The dull spatula uses vibrations to exfoliate the skin. With regular usage, it helps in reducing pore blockage gently without being too harsh on your skin.


  • Compact size that’s handy for traveling
  • Comes with 2 modes – Cleansing and Nourishing
  • Has Additional Galvanic Ion Function that allows to change polarity of the probe – for deep product infusion
  • Cordless
  • Rechargeable
  • Frequency of the wave is 1 Mega Hertz

Stuff You Should Know:

Cordless for easy maneuvering around face contours. Easy to control and use.

Vibrating Power is Lower Than Expected. Mild Exfoliation.

Best to be used after vaporization (After Warm Shower, Facial Steaming Via Hot Towel or Face Steaming Device)

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  1. Includes USB charger and regular power adapter
  2. Dimensions: 6.5 inch x 1.5 inch

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