Kendal SF03 2-in-1 Portable Home Diamond Microdermabrasion System Review

The Kendal SF03 2-in-1 Portable Home Diamond Microdermabrasion System has 2 built-in functions. Namely: Diamond Microdermabrasion Therapy and Vacuum Therapy.

It comes with usable 3 diamond tips for Diamond Abrasion. And 3 ventouses for Vacuum Suction. On the top of the device, it has a LED display, built-in timer and 3 level suction pressures (soft, medium and strong) for selection.

This is a handheld device that’s small and portable, that’s great for user who frequently travel and would like a travel kit.

As with the other handheld personal microdermabrasion devices, it’s main purpose is to resurface the dead skin sells on the top layer of your skin, in addition to removing the particles away with it’s vacuum function.


  • Cleans dirty pores
  • Increases blood circulation in the skin
  • Decrease discoloration from acne scars
  • Just like a professional microdermabrasion treatment without the hassle and cost


Stuff You Should Need To Know:

Low cost compared to other similar devices.

Several people received a device that had a dirty filter inside the unit. Lack of information on usage available. Low rating on Amazon.


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The product comes with:

  1. 3 diamond tips
  2. 3 ventouses for vacuum suction
  3. A bag of sponge filters
  4. A bag of cotton filters/li>
  5. A carry case
  6. a universal AC adapter (100-240V 50/60 Hz)
  7. One year warranty.

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