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She gives us a peek at the new tool that she’s been testing for about 2 to 3 weeks. And gives a short introduction of it.

It’s described as a “At Home Skin Care Tool” that has 4 uses:
1. Cleanses
2. Deep Cleans
3. Exfoliates
4. Infuses Skin Care Products.

She shares that she’s been a fan of the brand Trophy Skin’s microdermabrasion tool: “RejuvadermMD”.

She moves on to the demo section next.  After she has removed her make up and cleansed her skin, she spreads a thin mist of moisture with a water spray.

Next, she turns on the power of the Spatula.

She proceeds to move the spatula at a 45 degree angle up the side of the nose in an upwards motion.

She moves on to the forehead.

And wipes off the spatula end occasionally with a cloth.

She moves on to the side of her face next.

When she is done, she tones her face next. And thereafter, she spread a face treatment oil over her face with her hands.

Her verdict? She does it 3 times a week and likes how clean her skin feels.

She suggests that to have smaller pores, you have to keep them clean. And by cleaning your pores, you are preventing breakouts from happening.

And she likes the infusion tool as well as she wants to enjoy the full effect of her treatment oils and lotions.

She says her skin is healthier and clearer in general.

She also likes that it’s easy to clean the spatula and that it’s easy to use, without having the need to change wands or filters.

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