gliter702 is a YouTuber and a self taught freelance makeup artist. YouTube views at time of publishing article: 71,210. Video was originally published on 9 July 2013. This is a shared video linked from YouTube.

Here’s a quick breakdown on her video review:

In this video review, she shares her thoughts on the PMD Personal Microderm System White Machine. And provides a thorough demonstration on how to set up your PMD and use it on your face, step by step. We love the before and after photos that she provides in the video demo as well.

Note: She was provided with the PMD for review purposes.

She said she agreed to do a product review on the PMD for 2 reasons:

1. She’s been seriously wanting to try this microdermabrasion system at home for a while now, as she had seen several YouTube reviews on it, as well as seen it on the Dr. Oz show.
2. She was allowed to give her honest review, and not required to say anything scripted by her product sponsor.

She moves on to share that she has been using the PMD for a month. In addition, she used to work as a treatment coordinator for a clinic that used to perform microdermabrasion and chemical peels services.

She highlights that she was not the technician or dermatologist at the clinic. And that she received microdermabrasion treatments. All these happened several years ago.

She gives some insights on microdermabrasion, sharing that it can get quite messy, and that you run the risk of the crystals going up your nose, and it getting into your eyes, if it’s not properly administered. And that the cost of a professional microdermabrasion session is pricey, from U$120 onwards.

She explains that this product is a tool that helps you with doing your own microdermabrasion in the privacy of your own home. And that it cuts back on the costs of having microdermabrasion done regularly.

She holds onto the device and says that it is not very large, kinda handy and not very heavy. She explains that there is a rotating disc on top, and that there is suction power.

She admits to having issues with pores on her face, and that they have become more visible in recent years. She doesn’t like the appearance of them. She will show her before and after pictures of her face in this video. She shares that the first time she used it, her skin felt smoother. And by the 2nd and 3rd time, she felt that her pores looked like they shrunk and that she received positive feedback from her Mom and boyfriend.

She adds that PMD discs are embedded with aluminium oxide crystals and that it’s not messy. She said it’s comparable to those diamond tip machines, but at a fraction of the cost.

She cautions not to underestimate the power of the tool, as it can be damaging to your skin if you’re hovering over your skin at the same section for too long. And to not use it more than once a week. You don’t want to thin your skin out and make things worse. You have to cover your skin with SPF after your treatment.

She shares that she does her treatment at night, so that it gives her skin time to restore itself. And that she moisturises a lot. Personally, she wears a big hat the next day if she needs to run errand and tries to avoid the sun, as she wanted to avoid getting sun spots on her face.

She says that she’s been starting off with the blue discs and that she’s thinking of moving on to the next disc for her next session.

She moves on to showcase the PMD box of products:


  1. When you open your box, you will see the PMD tool that comes with a connecting power cord.
  2. It comes with 3 smalls discs:
    1. The White Disc is your training disc for testing and testing purposes, it is not abrasive.
    2. The Blue Disc is for sensitive skin.
    3. The Green Disc which has medium-strength abrasion function.
  3. And 3 large discs that are for body usage, not your face.
  4. Inside the tool, there’s a black filter that can be easily removed. And to clean it, you can run it under warm water. Squeeze it out gently, and let it air dry.
  5. It comes with 2 caps:
    1. The smaller cap with the narrow tip, is for the smaller discs.
    2. The bigger cap with the larger tip is for the bigger discs.
  6. To get started, take the PMD tool and make sure that the black filter is placed all the way down.
  7. Pick up the small white training disc, place it on the top of the black filter, through the middle rod.
  8. Pick up the narrow white cap, and screw it on top of the PMD Tool, over the white training disc and black filter.
  9. And you’re done.

Next, she switches on the machine and does a quick dry-run on her arm to demonstrate how to use it.

You can clear a light “Popping” sound, after she pulls the PMD along her arm and lifts it off. And she adds that the “popping” sound is normal.

After treatment, she recommends cleaning the caps, first with alcohol and after with running water.

Leave them to air-dry. Similarly for the discs, she uses a small bowl and fills it with the alcohol, and dips the disc lightly in it to get it clean. And she taps it on a dry towel to dry it.

She moves to the FACE DEMO.

She recommends to use the PMD tool over your face in an upwards motion, and not stay in a particular spot for too long.

Pull, and drag it up and lift. She also cautions to avoid the sensitive eye area. And for the forehead and chin, you can use the tool in a side-by-side motion.

We can hear the “popping” sound as she goes about doing her demo.

She has a slightly bruised area which she explains it’s normal and that it subsides after 15 minutes.

And that there’s no pain. We’ve noticed it’s because she went over the area at least 3 times.

She shares that post treatment, she’s going to soak her face in cold water and let it air-dry. And she’s going put a moisturiser with SPF.

She moves on to show her Before and After Photos:

In conclusion, she says by looking at her before and after pictures, she’s really very happy with the results of using the PMD.

Especially with the improvement she’s seen with her pores, which was a kind of pet peeve for her. She stresses again not to leave the tool on your face on a section of your face for too long and to keep it moving.

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