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Hi and welcome to! Affordable, safe and user-friendly, a Microdermabrasion Machine is a great personal exfoliation tool for your weekly grooming sessions at home.

Get the skin you’ve always wanted with minimum effort. Reduce acne scars, sun-damaged spots, blemishes and promote skin rejuvenation by following the step-by-step VIDEO DEMOS on how to use a Microdermabrasion machine.

Finding a suitable Microdermabrasion Machine is relatively simple. Based on your budget, lifestyle needs, aesthetic enhancement requirement, you’ll just need to narrow down your choices to a particular range, exfoliation power and reputable manufacturer.

Have a quick glance at our summary of user review information and recommendations on the different types of Microdermabrasion Machines available for home use. We’ve done the homework for you to make it easier! Pictures, Videos, Guides, Specifications, Tips, Stuff To Know and Reviews all on one page for easy referencing!

Not to be missed. We highly recommend that you check our the VIDEOs section. In a nutshell, you’ll get a good overview of the different kinds of models around. It gives you a good insight on how to conduct a treatment on your own skin, if you’ve never performed Microdermabrasion on yourself before as well.

Let’s get started! Beautiful skin begins today.

Foreword From The Editor

For the benefit of our readers, we have categorised the different available Microdermabrasion Machines into 5 broad categories for easier referencing.

LEVEL 1: Mild (Best for beginners! Machines in this category have the least abrasive power and are great if you’ve never done machine-based microdermabrasion before.)

LEVEL 2: Medium (A step up from the beginner level, machines in this category are more powerful and should be handled with care)

LEVEL 3: Robust (Getting semi-professional here, we reckon this is a good middle ground if you’re not sure if you’re a beginner or expert)

LEVEL 4: Advanced (Great for users who have done microdermabrasion at a beauty salon before)

LEVEL 5: Expert (For users who have experienced microdermabrasion treatment at an aesthetic or dermatological clinic before and want to be able to do it themselves at home on a regular basis)

This categorization was created so that it’s faster to identify the kind of machine you’re looking for, in terms of the machine’s motor, exfoliation power and skillset and experience level required.

It’s really tough to find what you need when it’s all jumbled together in one broad stroke. So we hope this would help! 🙂

That being said, categorization is subjective. Everyone may have differing views on which product should be placed in which level. So to be clear, the categorization was done strictly to the best of our ability at the time of publishing and in terms of our knowledge of the product.

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